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Peace Avenue Veterinary Clinic (PAVC) was founded by Dr. Phillip Mak. After graduating from Sydney University in 1982, Dr. Mak returned to Hong Kong and began working at the SPCA. The SPCA had only one full time vet and in the words from Dr. Mak was “very busy!” At that time, there was no local veterinarian in private practice. Within a short time, Dr. Mak’s colleagues encouraged him to open his own clinic. With a dream of delivering high quality veterinary service to the pets in Hong Kong, the doors of 9B Peace Avenue in Mongkok were opened in June 1984. PAVC is recognised as one of the leading clinics in Asia today and has become a centre where other veterinarians can refer their difficult cases to.

Mongkok was chosen as the site due to its easy access from all points of Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. Peace Avenue itself was chosen due to its quiet environment and ample space for parking. Mongkok has since become recognised as a premier area for all pet needs. Today, you will find many pet shops, groomers, boarding facilities and vet clinics within a short walking distance from PAVC.

The practice was expanded rapidly and the first associate was employed in 1986. Since then, many vets have come and gone. Several have stayed in Hong Kong and opened their own clinics. Others have further developed their careers overseas like Dr. Heidi Featherson (now an opthalmic specialist), Dr. Edmond Cheung (a human orthopedic surgeon from China) and Dr. Russel Chandler (who performed the first spinal surgery at PAVC). All of them were remembered well for their expertise that they brought in and passed on to PAVC.

Of course, the vets are only part of the team at PAVC and there have been many nurses, receptionists and administrative supports that have been vital to the progress of the company. Ms Sisy Lao has been with PAVC from the start and became full time in 1991. Her contributions are countless. Ms Lao now leads a full team of office staff that ensures the clinic run smoothly and efficiently. A special recognition to Polly who has been working in the clinic for over 20 years should also be given. If you have queries, Polly is the person who always seems to have the answer.

Dr Mak has always recognised the need for constant learning and improvement of all staff in order to deliver the best patient care. Many of the vets working at PAVC have not only completed fundamental veterinary courses but also passed membership or diploma exams in various specialties. In 2001, we have been designated as a training clinic by the Hong Kong Vet Surgeons Board; hence, newly graduated vets from certain Taiwan University who wish to register in Hong Kong can be mentored in PAVC. Also, many of the nurses working at PAVC are studying recognised courses for veterinary nurses. With our comprehensive support program, we aim to help all our staff to achieve their career goals.

Throughout the years, PAVC has continued to be a leader in the veterinary industry in Asia. In 2004, 6B doors were opened and the first MRI dedicated to pets became available. Furthermore, the 18000 square foot flagship shop located at Liberty Avenue in the Homantin area in Kowloon was inaugurated in July 2008. The facilities and elegant environment in the new hospital is comparable to that of the best veterinary hospital in the world.

We shall continue to focus on new therapeutic and diagnostic requirements to meet you and your animal’s needs, and our dedicated team of hospital staff applies their professionalism and dedication to provide effective, reliable and quality pet healthcare to you.