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Board Certified Specialist
HK registered & RCVS & European recognized Specialist in Small Animal Surgery

Dr Nic Woodbridge graduated from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), London in 2008. He remained at the RVC for a further year to undertake a rotating small animal internship programme. Following successful completion of the internship Nic moved to Oxfordshire where he worked in a busy small animal first opinion practice, mainly operating on surgical cases.

Nic then successfully obtained a European College of Veterinary Surgeons (ECVS) recognised residency in surgery at Dick White Referrals, U.K. This state of the art busy private referral centre provided an excellent education in all aspects of small animal referral surgery, especially advanced orthopaedic techniques. Nic successfully completed the residency programme in 2013 and subsequently passed the ECVS specialist board examinations, at the first attempt. Nic also successfully obtained a Masters in Veterinary Surgery from the University of Nottingham, UK with a thesis entitled “Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease in the Canine and the Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy”.

After completion of his residency, Nic moved to the Animal Health Trust, a large multidisciplinary referral centre in Newmarket, UK. Nic was the Head of Orthopaedics and was in charge of setting up and running a busy referral orthopaedics centre, offering routine and advanced orthopaedic solutions.

Dr Nic offers a full surgical service for all types of soft tissue and orthopaedic cases, he is particularly interested in; the management of upper airway disease, total hip replacements, angular limb deformity correction, advanced fracture repair and cruciate disease. His areas of research include canine cruciate disease, advanced TPLO surgical technique, fracture repair, otitis media and sublumbar abscessation. Nic regularly gives CPD to veterinarians and he has spoken both nationally and internationally.

Nic is really excited to be part of the specialist team at PAVC and is passionate about offering innovative solutions to help animals in need in Hong Kong. Nic has emigrated to Hong Kong with his wife Josephine who is also a veterinarian. They have moved to the New Territories and really enjoy both the vibrant city and the more relaxed countryside regions. They have recently been overjoyed by the arrival of their first child in late 2016.


Main Research Manuscripts:

  • Woodbridge N, Corr S, Grierson J, Arthurs G (2011) A retrospective study of tibial translation following tibial plateau levelling osteotomy stabilisation using three different plate types.Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol: 24(6): 445-449

  • Woodbridge N, Baines E, Baines S (2012) Otitis media in five cats associated with soft palate abnormalities. Vet Rec: 171(5): 124-125

  • Woodbridge N, Owen M (2013) Feline Mandibular fractures- a significant surgical challenge. J Feline Med Surg: 15: 211-218

  • Woodbridge N, Kunkel A, Brissot H, Nelissen P, Bush M, Owen M (2013) Accuracy evaluation of a two wire technique for osteotomy positioning in the tibial plateau levelling procedure. Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol 27(1): 8-13

  • Woodbridge N, Martinoli S, Cherubini GB, Caine A, Nelissen P, White R (2014) Omentalisation in the treatment of sublumbar abscessation: long term outcome in 10 dogs. Vet Rec: 175(24): 625

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