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Chemotherapy in Pets

Chemotherapy may be used as the sole treatment for certain cancers or may be used in combination with other treatment modalities, such as surgery and radiation therapy. Chemotherapy is usually recommended for cancer with a high likelihood of spreading, for tumors that occur at more than one site, or for tumors that cannot be removed surgically.


Side Effects

Compared to people who receive chemotherapy, pets experience fewer and less severe side effects. Complete balding is unlikely though fur may thin out a bit. Gastrointestinal side effects are less common, if they do occur, they tend to be milder. Overall, chemotherapy can make your pets feel better and many pets will liven up as soon as treatment begins.


Quality of Life

Chemotherapy can often extend a pet’s life and cancer is often curable especially when caught in early stages. However, realistically it is more likely for cancers to be chronic. Therefore, cancers in animals are often treated as managing a disease instead of curing it. After all the ultimate goal for chemotherapy isn’t the quantity but the quality of life your pet leads. Our primary goal is to keep your pets happy and healthy.

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