Our website lists some common problems and the preventative strategies which can be used. If you can’t find the solution that your pet needs, you can call us at 36503000 to make a booking to see one of our veterinarians.
Our GP Services
Preventative Care
General Surgery
What is General Practice?
General practice or general medicine refers to a variety of common medical conditions usually treated by general practitioners (GPs). This may include anything from acute and chronic illnesses to routine preventive care and health education to patients.
Patients usually contact a general practitioner first. When a patient develops a serious condition, a general practitioner may refer them to a specialist.
GP Education and Training
To become a general practitioner, one is required to complete a 5-6-year undergraduate programme with one of several approved veterinary courses which the HK Vet Surgeons Board (VSB) agrees have met the requirements for registration as a veterinarian in Hong Kong. Only after passing their exams and being registered with the HK VSB are they qualified to practice veterinary medicine in Hong Kong.