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Visiting Regulations
Enquiries and Clinical Record
Hospitalization and Discharge
Patient Enquiries
If you have any concerns regarding your pet’s condition, you are welcome to call our customer hotline during regular office hours. We will relay your enquiries to your pet’s veterinarian who will call you at their earliest convenience. During visits, please reserve your question for your pet’s veterinarian. Attending duty veterinarians or assistants may not be fully informed on your pet’s condition, so may not be in the best position to answer your specific queries regarding your animal's treatment or ongoing management.
Clinical Records
Effective on 29 May 2017:
Patient histories can only be sent directly to a specified veterinary clinic. Owners can request a patient summary to be written by the primary vet. If the primary vet is not available for an extended period, a peer will be asked to summarize the history for the owner. All clinical records are confidential documents that exist solely for the use of hospital staff. If you need a copy of your pet’s summary, please submit an application to reception. A copy of the patient record will be made available, and signed by the veterinarian. The patient summary is chargeable to the owners and may take up to ten (10) working days to process.
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