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Our reception is located at the entrance of our premise.  Hospital trips can often be very stressful and we hope our complimentary refreshments and customer service representatives can make your visits more enjoyable.

Visiting Room

We have a visiting room dedicated to our patients and their families during visiting hours.  This space is designed for patients to stretch their legs in a relatively comfortable environment.  We believe close interaction with family helps patients with recovery.  Outside of visiting hours, this room functions as a secondary waiting area for consultations.  For more information regarding visiting regulations and visiting hours please click here.

Hospital Wards

At our hospital we have five different wards.  We separate our wards into different categories with priority placed on the type of care they require.  The ICU ward is for patients whom require critical care, our isolation ward for patients with contagious diseases and our chemotherapy ward for patients receiving chemo treatment.

Regular patients are separated between our cat and dog wards because patients can often feel stressed in the presence of other species in a foreign environment.  Our exclusive wards aim to minimize patient stress as it may interfere with their recovery.

Medical Laboratory

Laboratory facilities are rare among veterinary clinics and laboratory diagnostics are usually outsourced.   However, at PAVC we are adequately equipped to perform most of our lab tests in-house.  We are also fortunate enough to have a registered Part I MLT overseeing our operations.

Surgery Rooms

We have multiple surgery rooms at our clinic, most of which are equipped with dedicated facilities for our veterinary specialties such as Neurology, Ophthalmology and Advanced Surgery.


Our nature as a multi-specialty veterinary practice requires our pharmacy to stock a broad variety of medication to fully complement the veterinary services we provide.


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