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Veterinary Technicians

The core responsibilities of our veterinary technicians revolve around surgical assistance and intensive care.   The veterinary technical staff have extensive medical knowledge to help lay persons to understand problems that your pet is acing .  They are also capable of laboratory and diagnostic work.

Vet. Nurses and Vet. Assistants

Veterinary assistants and nurses are paired with different veterinarians to aid them outside of surgery.  They mainly assist doctors during consultations and handle inpatients in the hospital ward.  It is thanks to their selflessness and cooperation that we can maintain the quality of our services despite the extreme day-to-day workloads.

Hospitalization Team

Hospitalization assistants devote their entirety to inpatients.  Each one of them prepare food, monitor medication and provide overall support during the recovery process.

Medical Laboratory Technologist

MLTs perform diagnostic tests on collected fluids and tissue specimens.  The tests may diagnose irregularities in a patient’s immune system, hormone levels, detect cancer, etc.  Our MLTs allow us to do a lot of our diagnostics in-house, eliminating the need to wait for reports from third parties.


Our radiographers are veterans with over a decade of experience in diagnostic imaging.  They handle all imaging activities in our clinic including X-rays, MR scanning, C-Arm, CT scans and much more.  Experience has a direct correlation with the quality of images and our vets often depend on these images for a patient’s diagnosis and treatment.


All our dispensers have either a pharmaceutical degree or a dispensing certificate.  Their primary responsibilities revolve around validating prescriptions and ensuring pet owners fully understand the instructions that come with medication.

Customer Service Representatives

In most cases, the C.S team will be the first point of contact between pet owners and our clinic.  Their primary role is to support pet-owners with any enquiries.  If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us in person or over the phone, our C.S team will do their best to help you.

Office Staff

The office team operates behinds the scenes.  They ensure the clinic operates smoothly all year round.  Their mission is to support their co-workers whom are working on the frontline, listening and responding to their needs.

Cleaning Staff

We have cleaning staff around the clock and they play an important role in maintaining clinic hygiene.  We schedule our cleaners to do rounds every 3 hours in high traffic areas and they handle any emergency cleaning such as pet leaks.

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